SUNRISE, the lake aglow with a strange beautiful light

THE SPRING: Linda's rhodies and peonies bloom.  She throws them in a vase.  I like the dark reds ones most

See the other hydrangeas in the category above

Yes, Brooklyn

Final flower collection before tonight's (10/31) frost.  Still can't believe she is 70

What was collected


CHRISTMAS EVE IN BROOKLYN ( photo taken from bedroom window)

Different window, Brooklyn sunset

Not Paris: New Years Eve from the living room window on Plaza Street, Park Slope


PROSPECT PARK ENTRANCE IN THE SPRING (Photographed from kitchen window)


Linda's Hally Jolivette after blooming (No Linda. The colors are not enhanced...

Well a little)

Maine grasses

Keukenhoff (Some day our garden will look just like this)


N.Y Botanical Mum show

Oh Hanukah

My gangsta boys

See below

My death defying wife from Long Island (There's actually a simple path here from the main path)

valley beneath Lake Minnewaska

The only one who listened when God spoke to him

Linda tries to teach Charley how to whistle

Linda and Yae in Asturias. Both shoppers in the child's section of Target

Thanksgiving in the old house: Linda does it again

Gabriel cooking in the oven

Our genius girl even at that age

Before they had their own monsters

Linda's harvest

Our usual low key family get together

The porch in Maine

Mom heads for the dance floor at 94.  Ronnie, known as CC in my novel, reacts

What do they talk about at night?

Even at 76 it's true.  You can't go home again.

But you can take a picture of it

Home Sweet Home–Kew Gardens Hills: Home of Simon And Garfunkel

And Harvey Weinstein

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